Career @ Thinktecture

We are a small company of fewer than 20 people, with extensive software development experience, who have spoken at more than 150+ conferences on five continents within the last ten years, have collectively authored more than 15 books, and are often referred to in magazines and blogs. And we'd love to guide you onto this path as well!

Our clients are software developers themselves, and we help to get them up to speed on current and future technologies with architecture workshops and reviews, prototype development and general development guidance.

We take pride in constant learning: each of us spends about 50 days of research time per year to stay on top of current and future technologies, and we spread the word about our findings in blog posts, magazine articles, conferences, and user group sessions.

In addition to the following specific areas of expertise, we are always looking to find people who fit into our team! Developers and consultants, who are passionate about technology, want to work on cutting-edge, nearly legacy-free projects and who are looking forward to communicating their experiences on the web, in print and at events and conferences.

Current Openings