'Mobile' is not just about devices!

In our understanding, mobile does not just mean phones and tablets. It instead refers to a new way of working without being tied to a desktop in an office. You and your users expect modern business applications to work on multiple devices, at multiple locations, online and offline.

For us, mobile therefore spans the whole stack, from native Windows 10 applications on laptop and tablets, modern HTML5-based desktop applications, to classic Windows clients developed with WPF, and of course, to native applications developed for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

We realize that creating applications in this world poses new challenges for software architects and developers.

What we're doing

  • We're helping our clients understand their strategic options for multi-platform development
  • We're working with our clients to translate the user-interaction patterns of their existing Desktop applications into mobile-friendly patterns for smaller screens
  • We're tracking upcoming and stable trends for HTML5-based frameworks, to ensure that our clients work in an environment which can support their application for years to come
  • We're creating prototypes and initial platform code to help jump-start our clients' development teams

What we've done in the past

  • We've helped our clients develop large-scale HTML5-based business applications which rival the performance of their native Windows counterparts, but which extend their reach to all tablet platforms
  • We've worked with several clients to support their architectural and development work with native applications, with the use PhoneGap and with the creation of custom HTML5 wrapper for different mobile phone platforms
  • We've strategically worked with clients to streamline their development efforts when targeting multiple mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone) for their enterprise products
  • We've worked with our clients to integrate new HTML5 application techniques with their users' requirements for SEO and reach
  • We've supported our clients with the creation of native applications on iOS and Android to supplant their HTML5-based web applications
  • We've worked with clients to integrate custom-built, client-side hardware with their HTML5 applications