Service-oriented design as the backbone -
in the cloud and on your servers ...

We believe that the majority of tomorrow's business applications will be built on top of distributed, service-oriented approaches to support mobile users with multiple different clients. A service-based architecture and software-design will the first step in order to allow various applications and devices to securely connect to backend data and processes.

Our clients' main technological solution for these backend services is the use of Microsoft .NET on the server with a specific focus on light-weight web-based architectures with ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET SignalR, or on WS-* based .NET technologies like WCF.

Depending on the kind of application and on legal requirements and restrictions, we're working with our clients to help them determine their best hosting options. We're working on projects along the full hosting spectrum from self-hosting, private and local clouds, hybrid clouds, and of course Windows Azure and other public cloud providers.

What we're doing

  • We're helping our clients understand their strategic options for service-based distributed application architectures
  • We provide architectural consulting to create and review cloud-based and service-based systems
  • We outline pitfalls, potential issues and technical limits for our clients when choosing certain technologies
  • We are tracking current and future trends for distributed applications approaches, patterns and technologies to help our clients choose the best options
  • We help kick-start our clients' project by building proof-of-concepts and prototypes with WCF, Web API & SignalR

What we have done in the past

  • We have 15+ years of experience in designing distributed application architectures on the Windows platform
  • We have helped various clients implement distributed applications with different technologies, including WCF, ASP.NET, Web API & SignalR
  • We've mentored our clients' architects and developers during design & implementation of Windows Azure-based Cloud solutions